Our vision

How is SUEZ committed to protecting the oceans ?

As a player in the sustainable management of resources, SUEZ is committed to protecting the oceans. SUEZ is working with city authorities, industries, citizens and employees to rise to this huge and essential challenge by providing its know-how and expertise in the management of the water and waste cycles.

By optimising the collection, recycling and recovery of waste, by improving the treatment and recovery of wastewater and rainwater in our regions, by regenerating biodiversity on seashores… we implement concrete solutions that contribute to the conservation of ecosystems and the ocean’s resources in the long term.

What is #suez4ocean ?

On June 8th 2017, as part of the World Oceans Day, SUEZ launched the #suez4ocean initiative consisting in collecting waste on beaches and watershed. The aim is to prevent those waste from polluting the ocean.
Mainly made of plastic, those waste threatens the whole marine ecosystem: macrowaste, microplastics and now nanoplastics are invading the ocean.

Since this initiative was launched, SUEZ has encouraged its 90 000 collaborators to organize and/or take part in waste collections throughout the year and all over the world, by acting locally.

Who can take part in the #suez4ocean initiative?

Mainly SUEZ collaborators but everyone can join in (friends, family, colleagues, local communities, companies etc). This initiative also encourages anyone from outside SUEZ Group to take part or to organize a waste collection.

NB: No minimum number of participants is required to organize a waste collection.


How can I organize my own #suez4ocean waste collection ?

For my waste collection to be successful, I must use the Toolkit’s elements in the following order:
I download the toolkit

1. I read the Captain’s guide for waste collection
2. I fill in the registration form
3. I read the Tools Guide for Visibility
4. I consult and use the didactic tools available. (Become Guardian of the Ocean video, posters, banners…)
5. I consult and use the Social Media Guidelines (Facebook, Twitter, email signatures)
6. Following my waste collection, I fill the assessment form.

Why is it important to fill the registration form ?

* Because this will enable a thumbnail to appear on the world map indicating the upcoming waste collection. Also, the collection’s useful details will then be visible in the projects section, allowing potential new participants to get in touch with the waste collection Captain and join the initiative.

Why is it important to fill in the assessment ? This will allow us to :

* Assess the volume of waste collected
* Know the number of Guardians of the Ocean who took part in the waste collection.
* Add photos and videos of the waste collection in the projects section of the website www.suez4ocean.com

Photos and videos:

* SUEZ Collaborators:

In case I wish to share the video on the Group’s YouTube channel: I need to consult the Group’s corporate design (available on the intranet).
As for photos taken during the waste collection: I make sure to get the permission to use the participants’ image.

* External participants

I make sure to get the participants’ permission to use their image and that the video is copyright free.

Social networks:

* In case I wish to share the video on social networks: no restrictions are imposed, I can refer to the Social Networks Guide included in the toolkit.

How can I get the promotional items? (t-shirts, caps, banners, etc)

* The Tools Guide For Visibility explains how to use logos in order to make caps and T-shirts.

* I place an order with our promotional item provider, most preferably SUEZ’s supplier Promoplus : http://goodies.suez-environnement.com/

How do I choose the location of my waste collection?

* I try to act locally

How can I deal with the treatment of the waste collected?

* SUEZ Collaborators

I get in touch with SUEZ’s local Recycle & Recovery teams.

* External participants

I get in touch with the authorities of the city hosting the waste collection, to seek for their support.

Does the #suez4ocean initiative participate in the waste collection funding?

* Please note that the #suez4ocean initiative is a support mechanism for waste collection actions and sharing of best practices.

* The funding and setting up of the waste collection, the transport to the collection site, the purchase of the equipment (gloves, bin bags etc), are covered by organizers.

* We nevertheless invite you to get in touch with the town hall of the city hosting the waste collection, in order to request any necessary authorizations for public gathering as well as discussing support options with them.

For SUEZ Collaborators: What is my Business Unit's role?

*To fund the manufacture of visibility tools and purchase the equipment needed for the waste collection (bin bags, safety gloves, dip-nets, gripping tongs)

* To mobilize as many collaborators as possible to become guardians of the Ocean

* To support the waste collection’s visibility by using mail signatures and sharing the news on social networks