Project “Fishing For Litter”


Midavaine Jan Joris



1 January 2019





Partners & project description

Participating in the Fishing for Litter project, fishermen bring the litter found at sea back to port. The project started in 2001 and was adopted internationally in 2004. Each year the Dutch fishermen collect about 300.000 kg. In the community of Den Oever the amount varies between 20-40 MT.
In 2018 25.400 kg is collected. More information about the project can be found at

We work together with SUEZ in different ports in the North of the Netherlands. The excellent service makes SUEZ a great partner. In terms of communication we would like the story of Fishing for Litter to be told and shared. Also we work together on designing stickers for the SUEZ containers on which we would like to print SUEZ4OCEAN and show the litter in the container is collected from the sea by fishermen and will be recycled.

Number of persons


Collected Quantity

25400 kg

Percentage of plastic waste

53 %

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